Photo editing: footwear 1

Sonel has given the unlikely prompt of ‘footwear’ as the subject for this week’s photo editing challenge.  Hmmmm.  I started with this shot of a happy busker thoroughly enjoying himself, entertaining passersby on a Saturday afternoon in Ottawa …

Busker on streets of Ottawa

I decided to try to portray something of the reality of life on the streets for the down and out … the loss of identify .. people looking around you and through you but never at you …

life on the streetthe bleakness of day to day … trying to gather enough change so you can have money in your pocket …

life on the streetand the harsh realities … of endless days and few prospects.

life on the streetEdited in Sagelight, I cropped for focus, applied an HDR effect for a harder edge and used presets under the tone blender option.


6 thoughts on “Photo editing: footwear 1

  1. What a beautiful and soulful post Lynne. Great photo and I just love the edits! Thanks for a stunning entry and share. Well done! 😀


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