Photo Editing: Footwear 3

I like these challenges because they get me to look at my photos in different ways, working to get the best out of each.  I cropped the original photo to focus on the subject of the challenge and discovered a shot I like. After cropping there were leftovers in the upper frame that I removed using Paint. Then  I used Sagelight but I did little … Continue reading Photo Editing: Footwear 3

Photo Editing: Footwear 2

Changing gears, I took this photo, already focused on the shoes of this greeter in Tallinn.  (The length of the point apparently was an indication of the wealth of the wearer.) I tried to give a touch of magic to these shoes.  I liked the arrangement of shape and form that resulted. Again in Sagelight, I did a tighter crop for a more pleasing arrangement, … Continue reading Photo Editing: Footwear 2

Photo editing: footwear 1

Sonel has given the unlikely prompt of ‘footwear’ as the subject for this week’s photo editing challenge.  Hmmmm.  I started with this shot of a happy busker thoroughly enjoying himself, entertaining passersby on a Saturday afternoon in Ottawa …

Busker on streets of Ottawa

I decided to try to portray something of the reality of life on the streets for the down and out … the loss of identify .. people looking around you and through you but never at you … Continue reading “Photo editing: footwear 1”