Photo Editing to song titles 1

Oh, city streets,
The stories that they tell,
Oh, city streets,
They can be heaven, they can be hell”   

City Streets, Carole King

city streets in rain at night

I cropped my original and used Fotosketcher to apply the painterly technique, then used Photoscape to adjust the colours to my liking.  This is the original …

DSCN1045 8x6

“Sonel’s photo editing challenge: song titles”

32 thoughts on “Photo Editing to song titles 1

  1. Love Carole King! It’s so amazing to see all the music lovers and what music everyone likes Lynne. Also the fact that most of them are my favourites as well. 😀
    What a stunning shot! I love the edit and think that would make a great cover for that song. Thanks for taking part and for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


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