A bird with no name

We have in our vicinity a Bird Lady.  She rescues birds, mostly parrots.  When our grandson was out over the weekend we asked if we could visit her, thinking he would enjoy seeing the parrots.  She, however, offered to visit us and arrived with three of her birds.  Let me introduce the Love Bird, as yet unnamed, who, sadly has lost her mate.  I’m not sure how old she is but mating as they do for life, and living up to 25 years, I fear Love Bird has a lonely time ahead.

portrait of a love bird

I will introduce you to a few more of the beautiful birds she has saved during coming posts.  And Kye, our grandson, loved it.




21 thoughts on “A bird with no name

    1. His Mum said they are still talking about it. I do so want to create memories with him and perhaps this is one that will stick about the sleep over at Nana’s and Papa’s and the parrots.


  1. Lynne Thank you so much for allowing me and these beautiful birds that so much need love, into your home, To see the smiles upon your grandsons face and asking all his important questions, makes me love what I do, knowing at one time each and everyone of these birds were given up to us and some that come to us from some terrible situations knowing they were once not wanted are once again bringing joy to us all.
    Thank you Again


  2. Awwwww, absolutely adorable Lynne! Love the colours! That was so sweet of the bird-lady to visit you and your grandson. I know I enjoyed looking at the photo’s. They are stunning! Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


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