A-Z Challenge: G

I’m taking a different tack this time.  The actual letter will be found somewhere in the photo, part of the design and composition itself, not within any printed words that may also be found in the photo.

airplane jet

detail of gate in Burano, Venice

Credit goes to my husband for these shots.  It was I, however, who scoured our (thousands) of photos looking for G

Frizztext’s A-Z challenge

For my other entries to this challenge see Frizztext A-Z challenge in my tag cloud on my home page.

20 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: G

  1. I agree – very clever and what an eye to catch these – love the “G’s” – but I also love how beyond the twisted iron there is like 3 more layers… it is a very interesting photo – and I am curious about the first one – is that from an airplane?


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