Photo Editing with Sagelight – 2

I learned something.  The order in which you apply photo editing techniques affects the outcome.  Here are three versions of one shot.  Each is done in Sagelight using the same techniques: quick auto balance; the light blender in the power box controls; and the soft focus but the outcomes are quite different.  The black and white appearance of the 3rd one is an outcome of the order in which I used the techniques.

green leaf black background rain dropsrain drops green leaf black background

rain on leaf black and whiteHere is the original ???????????


I used the same techniques on this next shot. 



DSCN5186 SL play edit 8x6this is the original –

rain drops on leaf

On the last one I used Sagelight’s HDR effects, and tone blender

rain drops on window rain drops on windowSonel’s photo editing challenge is: droplets





22 thoughts on “Photo Editing with Sagelight – 2

  1. Great examples! I know that’s true about the order you use effects in but I haven’t explored that myself. These are really nice examples. I’ve never heard of the program either. That last shot after the effects is fantastic! You’re very, very good at this!


  2. Great series of images, Lynne. Particularly love the crop and edit on the last set, the colours really set it apart from the norm.


  3. Wow! Stunning shots Lynne! I see your learned the same as I did. The techniques you used are great and the edits came out just gorgeous! Thanks so much for taking part and for sharing hon. 😀


  4. Very nice, it’s amazing the variations which can be achieved….and then of course I find it hard to chose which one I like best after playing around!
    Live that sepia bus shot…so atmospheric


  5. I like the second photo in this series the best – the editing of that one left all that dark on the left hand side and the right almost looks like it is plugged in….


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