A-Z Challenge: E

I’m taking a different tack this time.  The actual letter will be found somewhere in the photo, part of the design and composition itself, not within any printed words that may also be found in the photo.

E was easier than some …


And this one, taken in Venice of course 

gondoliers in Venice traffic jam

And lastly, Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires

Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires

Frizztext’s A-Z challenge

For my other entries to this challenge see Frizztext A-Z challenge in my tag cloud on my home page.

20 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: E

  1. I’m still looking (but it is 3:45am and the coffee is almost ready) 😉 It’s amazing what you can see after the first cup! 😀 I love challenges like this xxx


    1. Hi, Naomi. Other than the weather, it is. I’m not getting my walks in the woods because it’s either been too much snow, freezing rain or too bitter. But I’m getting some writing done ;). And you, how about you?


      1. Having a great time, but maybe the weather is too good, or the company–my sister and my son have been visiting–but I need to buckle down to do more serious writing. Am in the research stage of a book, transcribing old letters. But so far so good. Best wishes to you, Lynne.


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