Photo editing with Sagelight

I  came across this old traction engine in the Chilean interior at the Hotel Ensenada.  My husband wasn’t with me on this trip and I thought he would find this interesting – hence this shot.

traction engine


For Sonel’s photo editing challenge I thought I would see if I could make the photo something more than ho-hum.  I worked in Sagelight.  First  I used the quick colour balance to get rid of the green tone and then adjusted the light and contrast  using the smart light function.  Next I added a toned down HDR effect to sharpen some of the details and used the fast depth of field to give a very slight blur to the edges.  I desaturated the colour.   Despite having sharpened the image, I added the merest soft glow effect just because I like it and think it sits the object in place and time.

traction engine

Lastly I went to Photoscape for a bit of photo antiquing choosing one that didn’t alter the rest of the editing to a great degree but gives a subtle effect.

traction engineI like the end image better, others may not 😉



17 thoughts on “Photo editing with Sagelight

  1. Oh wow Lynne! Great shot! I love seeing all these old and antique stuff. Crazy about it. 😆
    Great explanation of how you did it in Sagelight and the finishing touches are just amazing! Great job hon. I am sure your hubby is going to love it just as much as I do! Thanks for taking part and for sharing hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*


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