Photo Editing with two easy-to-use, free programs

wheat after freezing rain


Since I love to edit my photos I thought I would take part in Sonel’s photo editing challenge.   Below is the photo I started with.  I used two simple programs – Photoscape to convert most of the background to black and Microsoft’s Paint to tidy it up.

wheat after freezing rain

Sonel’s photo editing challenge: Unusual angles

11 thoughts on “Photo Editing with two easy-to-use, free programs

    1. You sound like you’re apologizing, Sue 😉 – I’m glad people think the original is a good shot. But myself, I like the lines of the edit 🙂 I appreciate your comment…really 🙂


  1. Such a striking photo Lynne and a great angle as well. I do so love the edit! Well done!

    I nearly missed this entry of yours as no pingback came through and no comment from you with the link either. Maybe WordPress broke again. 🙂
    Thanks for the great entry and for sharing. Much appreciated. 😀


    1. With some cropping I quite liked the original too – playing took me to the second. I think I like the edited one better though because I think it shows up the angles and lines within the composition. I appreciate your input – it would be sad if we all liked the same things 😉


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