Turkeys: a short story

Looking out through the front window I saw

wild female turkey wild female turkeyAnd following behind 

wild female turkey and chicks wild turkey chicksthen they sensed Cooper and stood stock still

wild turkey chicks

until he gave one of his deep from the chest barks

DSCN5271Fly away turkeys, fly away home

Weekly Photo Challenge is: Family

16 thoughts on “Turkeys: a short story

  1. Love that you told the story of the photos. I had to chuckle the other day when we drove past a home that had a (flock?) or turkeys gathered under a bird feeder hanging from a tree. The turkeys were so big that they could almost reach the bird feeder from the ground.


    1. Hi Heidi. 🙂 I remember the first winter I was out in the yard and saw a turkey print – it looked like a bird from Jurassic Park had passed through in the night – prints from a turkey on the run are huge and far apart when all you think you have are chickadees and sparrows nesting in the cedars.


    1. I doubt if he could catch one although the older ones are slow to take off. They need to get a running start and it’s comical to see a turkey galloping down the field trying for lift off.


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