16 thoughts on “Turkeys: a short story

  1. Love that you told the story of the photos. I had to chuckle the other day when we drove past a home that had a (flock?) or turkeys gathered under a bird feeder hanging from a tree. The turkeys were so big that they could almost reach the bird feeder from the ground.


    1. Hi Heidi. 🙂 I remember the first winter I was out in the yard and saw a turkey print – it looked like a bird from Jurassic Park had passed through in the night – prints from a turkey on the run are huge and far apart when all you think you have are chickadees and sparrows nesting in the cedars.


    1. I doubt if he could catch one although the older ones are slow to take off. They need to get a running start and it’s comical to see a turkey galloping down the field trying for lift off.


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