13 thoughts on “Visual Quotation 40: Music

  1. These are just magic, but the first (of course it’s blue) transports me to an ethereal landscape of mists and shadows. Lovely.


    1. Thank you, Sue. The second and last one struck me as musical when I did them recently but I love these challenges partly because they are helping me to name some of these pieces such as ‘flight to imagination’. And I just enjoy pairing my photos, digital art or otherwise, with quotes. 🙂


        1. Ahh, yes a big job. I have recently spent time tagging all(most) my photos, which, of course I should have been doing from the beginning, but wasn’t. Such a boon when trying to find things.


          1. Tell me about it…I keep intending to tag mine as I am rather poor about doing it immediately!i guess we’re not the only ones! It’s such a massive job for me, I keep putting it off, but I’ll just have to start small, perhaps do it by country, or something and chip away gradually. Aaargh!


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