It Depends

“Happiness depends more on how life strikes you than on what happens.” – Andy Rooney

matches in a boxMy receipe for happiness

Ingredients:   Cups full of humility; Large doses of acceptance; Generous sprinkling of humour

Step 1: Simmer all ingredients for 20 to 25 years on low, or until tender.

Step 2:  Find peace

Method:   Recognize and reconcile all of your deeds and misdeeds until you have achieved a state of “OK”ness will all that you are and all that you have done, or not done.  At this stage it is important that all ingredients have been added to the mixture.  Then fix what you can, and accept what you can’t.  The test for OKness:  if it no longer hurts, it is done.

Step 3:  Determine to your own satisfaction if you have supremacy, or if there is a Higher Power.

This step requires frequent stirring.  Tip: Keep adding cups of humility slowly until desired balance is achieved.

Step 4: Attain self-reliance and self-accountability.  Personal note:  Recognizing that I have control over my life contributes greatly to my happiness.  Yes, things happen, events over which I do not have control, but they are just events.  I still retain control over how I will react to these events.  The moment I relinquish control and blame rather than accept is the moment I step out of my rainbow.

Step 5: Recognize what is within your control, and what is not.  Repeat steps 1 through 5 as needed.

Step 6:  Laugh, a lot, out loud and, occasionally, at yourself.

Serves 1 (but may have residual effects on others)

Ese’s shoot and quote is: Happiness


15 thoughts on “It Depends

  1. I really should print out these steps and have them in front of my eyes much more often. Beautiful and so much on time…right before a New year is about to begin and it crosses my mind how it could be…yes, better in one way or another.


  2. A neat concise summation of what the self-help books try to tell in thousands of words. I like the stirring bits. Happy Christmas.


  3. What a thoughtful, inspiring post. I love the first quote.
    Happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours from North Norfolk!
    Dina ♥
    God jul! 🙂


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