Yellow on Yacht in boatYard

This one took some digging and is an example of why, if one follows the various challenges, one shouldn’t delete any photos.  They might ALL be good for something. 

St Justinian's life boat crop 8x6Maybe I should just bow out now for the final ZZZ …
Boy in Blue on Bike
Carousel de la Cité Carcassonne
Dilapidated Door in Dinan
Elephant on Elegant Egg
First Frost in Flower garden
Guard Gait in Gamla Stan
Hero on High Horse
Irish wolfhounds In St Ives
Jaded Johnny Jump-up
Knocking Knees with unKnowns
Lamp Light and Lines & Last Leaves Lingering
Marazion from St Micheal’s Mount

Nothing Near Nomansland
Ostentatiously Ornate Onion Domes
Perfect Pair of Parrots
Quintessential image of Quiet rural Quebec
Red Roof in Rotterdam
St. Petersburg Subway System
Toomkirik on Toompea Hill in Tallinn
Unaccompanied Under the Umbrella
Verandah with a View in Venice & Vivid Venetian glass Vase
White Windmills in the Water
Xamining Xamples of the XXX Rating

Frizztext’s YYY challenge

I like receiving feedback ...

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