Have I said I’m lovin’ this software?

I wrote about Sagelight photo editing software in this post and this is what I’ve been doing with it …

Original photo: DSC00457 Piazza San Marco





After playing in Sagelight:  DSC00457 Piazza San MarcoOriginal photo: church and tower in VeniceAfter …church tower in Venice black and whiteBefore canal view Venice







And after …woman walking by canal in Venice


20 thoughts on “Have I said I’m lovin’ this software?

    1. Hi ilargia – I admittedly played with that last one for awhile. First, deciding on the exact crop and then how best to highlight the woman. In the end, I slid the slider a little further, and said, “That’s it!” I like the level of control Sagelight offers, to the nth degree it seems and it’s all about experimenting. Whiled away a few 😉 hours during yesterday’s snowstorm.


  1. Tried it myself. I made one that look like the figures were melting into the background. Lots to learn with this but may be worth it after my 30 day trial. Check my post “Connie & Dave”.



  2. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun. I checked into Sagelight – looks like it has many of the same features Adobe Photoshop Elements has.

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Except I’ve never been able to figure out much of Adobe Photoshop Elements … I’m a lame brain I guess. Or a case of what works for some doesn’t work for others. I find sagelight very user friendly. Do you Elements?


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