I’m lovin’ this software

I’ve said before that I am a tweaker.   Some take pride, and rightly so, in getting the shot just the way they wanted it without tweaking.  I use a point and shoot; I don’t have all the adjustments, lenses, and filters and experience necessary to get the shot the way I might envision it.  So I tweak.

I think of every photo as a canvas on which to create the most interesting result I can. And I am testing out some new-to-me software on a 30-day free trial – Sagelight.  I ever so quickly checked out Lightroom and, like other Adobe Photoshop software,I ever so quickly found out it is beyond my understanding.  But I’m lovin’ this Sagelight.  So many things to try.  So many variations. So many combinations. And infinite possibilities.

From this original photo –
field and woods and skyI cropped and began to experiment –

colour adjust –

field and woodsblack and white –
field and woods high pass filter –
field and woodsHigh pass filter grey scale –
field and woodsDuotone –
field and woodsThen there’s the depth of field, bokeh, light controls and tone blenders – all easy to use with infinite control. Dozens of HDR effects.  Dodge and burn. Plug-in filters.   Yup, I’m lovin’ this software.




22 thoughts on “I’m lovin’ this software

  1. You are an artist when it comes to tweaking Lynne and your photo’s are always so gorgeous! It’s always great to see someone having fun with software. 😀


  2. What fun! We each need to find what works for us, what we enjoy… I have Aperture on my Mac with Nik plugins, and on my iPad I have all manner of cheapies! Just for a bit of a lark. 🙂


  3. I bought Lightroom in September and it was difficult to learn. I’m still learning but i like it. I have never heard of Sagelight but it seems as good as LR. And I bet it was cheaper. No, do not tell me.


  4. If you haven’t tried GIMP, you should also give it a try. It’s a free open source photo editing program. Really enjoyed this post. Cheers. -Max-


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