The Song of Silence

“I was awe struck by the flawless beauty, the silence and the light—I felt as if I flicked a finger at it it would all shatter into crystalline pieces.”

497 Beagle Channel SL 8X6When I saw Ese’s Shoot and Quote this week is Silence, this photo immediately sprang to mind, because this will be the closest I will likely ever come to photographing silence.  The magnificent light and the silence provided an unforgettable experience, out there on the Beagle Channel, at the bottom of the world.   The passengers were even quiet and subdued, as if over-awed by nature, so that the only sounds I was aware of were the shutter clicks of cameras.

The quote above is a bit of a cheat in that it was quoth by me in the journal I wrote of this trip.  🙂

This related post also speaks to the silence and beauty of that morning.


22 thoughts on “The Song of Silence

    1. Thank you, George. It was so pristine. It seemed like all the hums and noises that ricochet around the rest of the world were absent there that morning. It was pure and sweet.


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