Liquid mountains of the sky

An active sky can add movement and colour and drama to a photograph … and sometimes skies ARE the photograph, as the landscape pales in comparison to the dance of light and cloud that is happening above.   This one taken in Normandy added such beauty to our autoroute drive.Brittany clouds 24 SL

Driving the Cape Breton Trail in Nova Scotia we saw some beautiful turbulent skies, this one at 4 Mile Beach at Aspey Bay.

CB 051 4 Mile Beach, Aspy Bay SL 8x6jpgWhile my daughter and husband sat up front chattering I was busy in the back snapping shots through the window at 100 km/hr of some tremendous skies over Alberta.

082 SLI only had to step onto my back deck to capture the next two shots in the Eastern Counties of  rural Ontario.DSCN5074 crop SL 8x6 clouds 023 SL 8x6Driving the north shore of Lake Superior we drove towards this active cloudscape.

DSC01258 Hwy 11-17 SL 8x6The lighting was so beautiful I practically trampled my sister when we arrived at Pointe du Grouin in Brittany … I was afraid the light would disappear, as has been known to happen when one is too slow on the uptake.

Pointe du Groin-Ile des Landes 14 SL 8x6I stopped roadside on the way home along Highway 34 to capture this sunset …

DSCN4955 hwy 34 crop SL 8x6Some of the most beautiful light I have ever experienced was in South America – this one taken in the Chilean fjords.

935 SL 8x6I love the clouds in this shot outside St. David’s in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

St Davids roadAnd this one was taken on the coastal path in west Wales looking out to the Celtic Sea …

Coastal path view (11) SL 8x6This last one, for now, was taken at Otway Sound in southern Chile.

Otway Sound 857“It’s wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky. Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears.” – Helen Keller

Ailsa’s Travel Theme is: Sky

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