Heady scent of autumn

hedgerow My favourite time to walk in the woods is in the fall.  I stride out across the open field where the summer crop is brittle and dry awaiting harvest, or the stalks are limp remains after the first heavy frost. I purposefully shuffle through the leaves dropped from the hedgerow because I delight in the rustle and crackle.   But it’s the woods I head for and when I enter I inhale deeply of the scents of the season – pine needles damp from the rain, piles of decaying debris as another season passes, the earthy scent of mushrooms, and fallen branches lying on the forest floor, returning from whence they came.

Ailsa’s travel theme is: Fragrant

17 thoughts on “Heady scent of autumn

  1. love your ‘woods’, our scrub/bush/forests don’t change much from season to season as in there is no leaf colour change as the trees are all evergreen. Except in the cities or gardens with imported trees. It is the openness of your woods I admire, that filigree of limbs and branches against the sky.


    1. Our woods is actually all white pine but there is colour in the hedgerows from the various other growth, notably the sumac which turns a very deep red in the fall. My husband has spent many hours back there limbing and making trails for us and the doglet to roam.


        1. Actually, no. He’s a black-lab-that-wants-to-be-a-brown-lab mix called Cooper and he is tall enough to survey what is on the dinner table. Strong as a horse and lean. But he is also well behaved and listens well. When I was training him I felt like that silly woman who bought a dog who is much to big and too strong for her. 🙂


          1. Lucky you, my dog listens then thinks about it – you can see the thought process going on, will I or won’t I. It is a battle of wills, she’s an intelligent kelpie and the breed is known for intelligence.


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