I’m Happy

I am excited and happy to say I made a couple of sales recently.  Both are photographs that I worked on with various photo editing programs.  This one sold at a local showing that was actually held in the building pictured, which is in Martintown, Ontario.grist mill Martintown OntarioThe Grist Mill   21 x 15″

The next one sold from an art gallery in Ottawa so that is doubly exciting as it is my first entry into a larger, urban market.

rainy evening on Rue St. Denis in MontrealRain on Rue St. Denis    11 x 15″

23 thoughts on “I’m Happy

  1. Congratulations, your works of art and photos have always been outstanding. You deserve the recognition and appreciation that people convey when they buy your creativity. Nan and I wish you more sales and success.


    1. Yes, I took a number of shots that day and when they sold that at the Ottawa gallery they asked if I had more. I took up 3 more taken at the same time. We’ll see what happens. Thank you for your good wishes, Carol.


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