A bird in the hand

My daughter called me to the porch telling me a chickadee was lying there and it looked dead. I picked up the poor unconscious little thing and gently stroked it …

bird in hand, chickadeeand it responded, struggled to its feet and tottered there … “Don’t be afraid to fly…”

bird in hand chickadee“Spread your wings and prepare to fly” little bird
bird in hand chickadeeI settled him safely out of the way and a short time later he flew away.

Ese’s shoot and quote is: Spread

Quotes are from lyrics by Mariah Carey;Bernie Taupin;David Morales;Elton John. Published by EMI April Music, Inc.; Rouge Booze, Inc.; Rye Songs; HST Management Ltd

32 thoughts on “A bird in the hand

    1. It was very gratifying. When I told my mother about it her response was one of concern for the little birdies she may have buried alive. My mother was very sweet and this made me smile.


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