Visual Quotation 34: Intricate

This week, digital art to illustrate my quote

“In my mind I am eloquent; I can climb intricate scaffolds of words …
DSCN3278 engrave polar 2 lightbox 8x6to reach the highest cathedral ceilings … DSCN1055 crop polar lightbox 8x6and paint my thoughts. DSCN4563 Gamla Stan Stockholm polar illusion lightbox crop 8x6But when I open my mouth,

DSCN1938 Gare du Nord engrave polar lightbox 8x6 ,,, everything collapses.”
DSCN1938 Gare du Nord engrave polar liq 8x6– Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies

Ese’s Shoot and Quote: Intricate

These are the photos I used for the above pieces


23 thoughts on “Visual Quotation 34: Intricate

    1. Actually Gilly, layers eluded me until today when another blogger helped me out, in pixlr. I can pass it on if you are interested. These shots are actually done with the polar filter in Photoshop elements 8. 🙂


  1. Fabulous usage of what looks to be Photoshop polar filter! Makes me want to see what the original photo of cathedral or dome looks like. Guess I don’t have anything that intricate to start from, in my photos, since mine are mostly rural and “neighborhood”. Enjoyed the blog pics and doors and windows, and paintings.


    1. 😉 It is indeed the polar filter – I found the photos that have the more interesting result start out as something random – reflection in a window for instance, or a photo that has already been distorted in some way. There will always be a similar polarized pattern of course, but it suited my goal in this case. thank you for your comment – I’m glad you enjoyed your poke about 🙂 .


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