19 thoughts on “Who believes in UFOs

    1. Thank you, Janet – it’s a playful photo. But you’re right, it’s often a fun surprise to see just what I have captured in the reflections. Did you see the one I posted on my photo blog? Portal into the beyond … See tab at top of my site ..


  1. I don’t know whether to laugh in knowing amusement, shake my head in shame, cry, or admit that that I saw something very similar to this hovering over a Pizza Hut down the street from Wright Patterson Air Force Base in 1994. So I will partake in all listed actions and throw in a bravo. Great stuff. 😀


  2. I like your thinking 🙂 May I suggest a slight change with your image, could you crop out the couch as it distracts from the focus and the horizon if you straighten it the vertical of the frame will also become straight it will make the image better on the eye 🙂


    1. Hi Pete – you are absolutely right about the horizon – I was so focused on some other aspects of tidying the photo that I forgot the most obvious. I tried cropping the couch as well but, although it does draw the eye somewhat, I prefer the feeling of being inside looking out that it, IMHO, enhances. Very much appreciate your comment.


      1. Hiya, sorry I missed your reply completely. When we look at an image we do tend to miss the obvious, because we are looking at the subject matter and not the whole thing. Here are a couple of examples of this one, the foreground block the background, you need something leads the eye

        This next one has the cottage to catch your eye but the raised ground with the dead grass takes your eye away from the cottage to the next line and towards the Angus hills, so you see the whole picture.

        Finally, I wanted the viewer to look at two objects in the sky so I angled myself so the two trees point to what I want to show,

        I hope that will give you a few ideas on using what is in your shot to point to what you wish the viewer to see what you are seeing.
        I do like your photos, keep doing what you do so well 🙂


        1. I appreciate your comments, Pete – so many things to think about when taking that shot, it’s good to have reminders and refreshers. And thank you for your kind comment on my photographs.


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