Brown Out

I used to dislike brown – such a soulless non-colour, I thought.  Now I look about my home and see … brown.  Most of my walls if not actually brown are linked to the brown spectrum.  It has a lot to do with what “they” tell us is the season’s “in-very-now” colour.  But on investigation, brown can be dark and somber or rich and juicy;  hot and bronzy or light and sassy – it can be quite adaptable.  I turned to my digital art for a look at Brown.

Ailsa’s travel theme is: Brown


14 thoughts on “Brown Out

  1. Wonderful artistic interpretations of your images and I can well imagine the hours of ‘putzing’ that have gone into making these art pieces. Love, love that word ‘putzing’ 🙂 it says so much.


    1. Thank you very much Katalilna – I love the feedback. I play with my photos in various photo editing programs such as Photoshop Elements 8, and some free ones – photoscape, fotosketcher and ribbit. A lot of try this and try that, a lot of hit and miss … and a lot of hours of putzing 🙂


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