Hey! You, in there! Good Morning!

First and foremost, front and centre, in the morning it’s …

black labrador retriever mix close-upCooper, a black Labrador Retriever mix, a rescued dog, a dog with a mission … did you blink?  I know you blinked?

black lab mix close-upYou’re awake in there!   It’s time to rise and shine!

So we feed him and send him outside.

black lab mix portraitBut Cooper’s mission, and he takes it quite seriously, is to keep us moving.  If we don’t get out there, he waits, and keeps tabs on us …

black lab mix looking in through window… sometimes he has to wait a long time …

black labrador retriever portraitBut when we get out there he grabs his FAVOURITE toy …

IMG_9407 Cooper

and we do some of this …
black lab mix jumping for ballAnd then he’s a happy boy.  He does keep us moving, and laughing.  Never talks back – only the occasional sigh of attitude.  An ideal companion, our Cooper.
black labrador retriever mix portraitThe weekly photo challenge is: Good morning

20 thoughts on “Hey! You, in there! Good Morning!

  1. A really nice friend! Pretty face too, and slim and trim…that you cannot say about my dogs. I try to use bicycle training with Totti, but he just has to LOOK at food to gain weight. I guess he’s my son? Mille is a fast runner and a strong old man – 12 years soon – never been a problem with his weight…


    1. Cooper’s mission is to keep us moving as we age – he takes it quite seriously and will even put his paws on my typing arm and step back from the computer, pulling me with him as my chair is on wheels. No dummy him. 🙂


    1. He is really – this dog even gives hugs. He’s 80 lbs, not allowed on the furniture, but when I’m watching tv he will drape his upper body across my lap – after asking permission – and fall asleep there, hind legs still on the floor. An endearing habit.


  2. A wonderful picture series of Cooper! I especially like the snow covered waiting pic. Hope you are all well. Terry & Nan


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