Glorious Colour


No black and white, just glorious colour.

Ailsa’s Travel Theme is: Multicoloured

Here’s one I particularly liked:
Hanel’s Travel and Photography

18 thoughts on “Glorious Colour

    1. A friend told a story about a grandchild who said she loved the colour and was glad she didn’t live when the world was just black and white … in looking at old photos, all black and white of course, she thought the world had been only black and white – back in the day, as they say. 🙂


  1. One of our family members has just returned from St Petersburg… he says it is one of the most beautiful places to visit… this photo of the church certainly backs up his stories of beauty…


    1. I have a friend who visited about 10 years ago and said she would never return – the poverty was too much to handle; she came overland from Finland and so saw more of the countryside than I did. I was mesmerized by St. Petersburg, found it very interesting speaking with tour guides who lived through the Soviet regime, every street seemed to have another interesting looking building. Apparently they are improving and rapidly gaining ground lost to those Soviet years and I expect things will look different should I ever return down the road.


    1. It stands in all it’s splendor on the Griboyedov Canal – an architect’s dream, or nightmare, I’m not sure – I can’t imagine how the builders pieced it together. As you walk along the canal you can get a perspective on it – definitely an interesting piece.


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