Knocking Knees with unKnowns

I take some strange photos and never know what I’m going to use them for … but, hey, there you go.

Riding the subway … all a-kilter, knockin’ knees with unknowns, but kindly no kicking the kids, pleasestrangers sitting on subway[Maybe I’ll use this again for SSS – strangers sitting on the subway.]

AAA click here
BBB click here
CCC here
DDD here
EEE here
FFF here
GGG here
HHH here
III here
JJJ here

Frizz’s KKK challenge

12 thoughts on “Knocking Knees with unKnowns

  1. I like the way you processed this one – it fits the image very well. And I agree with the comment above – that would be fun – maybe you should get started on that story, huh Lynne?


    1. I don’t know why I even kept the image. I took it because I had a camera in my hand and I didn’t want to invade anyone’s privacy with head shots, so I took the knees. But a shot of knees does not a picture make – playing around with it I arrived at this image and thought it suited the tenor of the post. Your comments are always appreciated, Lynn – but maybe I should get bulldog’s story version -?!


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