Gangs and Höfe

One of the things that Lübeck in northern Germany is noted for are the many walkways, or gang, as in  Hellgrüner Gang and Dunkelgrüner Gang, that lead to hidden höfe, or courtyards.  This inauspicious doorway off of Engelswisch …

alley in Lubeckleads to this charming höfe …

courtyard in LubeckLübeck is very old and these hidden oases are the remains of the medieval development in the centre of the Old Town.   This gang and höfe are off Glockengeisserstrasse … DSCN2554 38 Glockengeisserstrasse

Lubeck courtyardFuchtingshof is one of the best known höfecourtyard in Lubeckand it’s door is a little more ornate …

door in LubeckThese höfe are still inhabited by Lübeckers and they must tire of tourists traipsing through so the residents’ privacy should be respected when visiting these hidden gems. Lubeck alley and courtyardAilsa’s Travel Theme this week is: Hidden



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