Far Far Away

A task of the artist, whether photographer or painter, is creating depth on a one-dimensional service, and there are tools with which to do this.

One is overlapping objects within the frame – the lava rock in the left foreground, to the hillside on the right to the forest and volcano in the background.
lava rock waterfall and volcanoeAnother is leading lines – the lines of the path lead to the middle ground where the line of trees could be a block but the white on the distant houses in enough to continue drawing the viewer in …
distance shot leading lines landscapeA change of colour, greying or bluing – from front to back also enhances distance.  The swooping lines of the valley leads the eye in a gentle motion to the greyed hillsides in the background.

wales valley rolling into distanceSize also indicates distance …

city skyline Petersburg Russiaandes backdrop to city on shorelineAilsa’s travel theme is: Distance.


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