Lighting Effects

Photographers and artists love light – light makes shadow, light gives focus, light creates drama and interest.  I have been spending (way too much) time cataloguing my archives and found some experiments I had done using Photoshop Elements 8 lighting effects (found under filters/render)  There are LOTS of things I can’t figure out in Photoshop but I found this and played with it.  I converted this shot to black and white –

interior architecture mont st micheland using the lighting effects created these …

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Here is another example focusing attention on the musician –

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Photos taken at Mont St. Michel in France

10 thoughts on “Lighting Effects

  1. These are really interesting I’ll have to look and see if Elements 10 has Render under it’s Filters. And yes my dog often comes through to my studio, checks I am still on the computer and then leaves. It’s as if she says ” oh well, you’re still here so I can go back to sleep again”.


    1. Hi there Lee. My dog is still young and his response is more of the get-off-your-butt-and-come-out-and-play-with-me variety. I think I even hear an added damn-it under his breath at times. Actually, he has been known, in times of desperation to raise front feet onto my lap, getting between me and my computer and then stepping away, thus pulling me from my it – my chair is on wheels. 🙂


      1. They are readable aren’t they and even if we’re wrong they are like family and we want to do the best by them. My dog is now two and has quiet end down a lot


      2. Something froze on the last reply, so to finish – I too think she is hoping against hope for another walk or a chase of the frisbee, anything to get me away from that corner!


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