Focus, focus, focus

I’m a person with a camera, but I’m not a capital “P” Photographer, and I take pictures with a point-and-shoot with a few small bells and a whistle or two.  The Weekly Photo Challenge is Focus and there is an explanation about depth of field.   This one, shot this afternoon in the garden, shows a shallow depth of field achieved with my point and shoot – I liked the way the aster seems to float above the greenery.

DSCN5281 asterThe next one, also from my own backyard, I think is a fair example of a greater depth of field … I’ve seen better, by others, but this is what I got.   I welcome comments and suggestions and techniques on how to improve without upping the equipment from my Nikon Coolpix L610   😉
DSCN5045 my own back yard


23 thoughts on “Focus, focus, focus

  1. I like these..have always loved the asters and it does seem to float…and I love the light in the second one! Excellent examples of the difference in dept of field!


    1. I put a lot of hours into the garden when I first came here and for the longest while it looked like a new garden. Now, it has matured and I don’t necessarily know what’s where and the morning and afternoon shadows from what were once seedlings now cast gorgeous light across what was once just a field. I have to admit, I get a wonderful feeling of contentment when I look at what I created.


      1. This first week has of back to school has been a total blur but don’t know how to capture that in a photograph! I always enjoy visiting your blog.


    1. We are lucky to have a tended field at the back that we don’t have to tend 😉 a local farmer does it. So we get neat and tidy and great to look at for nothing.


  2. I don’t know your Nikon Coolpix camera, but here’s a tip for you that works and you don’t have to change your camera (btw I agree with you: not everyone needs to be a photographer with a huge dslr camera):
    If you tilt your camera, so that when you focus on the flower you add the landscape in the background instead of the grass, then the flower will stand out even more, because the landscape will be much more blurry than what the grass is in this photo.
    (the landscape is further away from the flower and thats why it will be blurrier when the same aperture is at work).
    Try this the next time you picture a flower.


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