Distracted by Abstract

I found Sonel’s black and white challenge exciting this week.  Abstract.  A definition-defying category, although Sonel has given some good resources as a helpful guide. For me it is about shapes and contrasts in a pleasing balanced design.  Balanced doesn’t necessarily mean symmetrical as asymmetrical can also be ‘pleasing’, and more dynamic.   I do like to play with my photographs and these are some abstract results. 


Sonel’s black and white weekly photo challenge: Abstract

18 thoughts on “Distracted by Abstract

    1. The bottom left is one of my favourites Gilly, it is a drop of water in a kitchen sink that I played with a little. I’m not sure why but it appeals to me a lot.


    1. I have a friend who enjoys painting abstracts, and she’s very good at it but I could never go there – wouldn’t know where to start. But with the camera I find it much easier to find abstracts that please me eye. Thank you, Amy.


  1. I can see you truly enjoyed this theme Lynne! I just love these shots hon, especially the first one! Absolutely stunning entry and thanks so much for sharing and for taking part hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*


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