Stream in a Thicket

Here in North America we have sweltered under a huge heat dome for days now – my thermometer has shown 40C  (104F) daily, and with high humidity it feels as if I will dissolve into one large puddle.  The Weekly Photo Challenge of Fresh is timely.  I have no lake at my doorstep, no pool in the backyard, air conditioning only in the bedroom … there are so many fans blowing inside it’s a wonder the house doesn’t rotate upwards off its foundations.  A stream to dabble my toes in at least would make me feel fresher …

gurgling stream over rocksAnd this is a watercolour and ink I did from this photo …
watercolour and ink by Lynne Ayers




58 thoughts on “Stream in a Thicket

    1. Thank you, Naomi – I can’t believe I actually tried to paint a thicket but I admit I was pleased with the results on this one – that’s not always the case 😉


    1. Thanks, Bulldog – when I’m working on a painting and I find it has taken life and I no longer need to refer to my source photo then I feel good, and that happened with this one.


  1. I love your painting. Hope it cools off soon. It sometimes gets over 40 here in summer too (Australia). I find it hard function properly when it gets that hot.


    1. I haven’t been in my garden at all this year – first I was sick for several weeks, then it began to rain and rained and rained, and then it went to 40C …. my garden is looking rather sad but it’s been impossible to get out there for any length of time. I really do not like this kind of oppressive weather. I want our Canadian summers back. Thank you for your kind comment on my painting too, Suzanne, it’s appreciated.


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