Who ARE These People?

Back in April I posted that I had (finally) sent my book to print.  I had done all that I could looking at it on the computer screen.  I needed a hard copy.  I needed to feel paper between my fingers.  I needed to be able to flick back and forth between the pages.  The copy came VERY quickly and it’s taken me this long, with a vacation and double pneumonia in between, to finalize it … until the next batch of typos is rounded up ;(

It is a book of family stories, so not a huge reading audience but if you want to just take a free peak at the pages you can do so here.   I published it through Blurb and I bought the soft cover edition, which I’m quite happy with.

And, who knows who may read this, perhaps some of you share some history with me  – the family lines in the book are listed below.  There is some fairly extensive genealogy included – births, deaths, marriages yada yada for genealogy junkies.

Annis,  Bagley,  Bailey,  Beatty,  Douglass,  Grafton,  Henderson,  Hutche(s)on,  Laird,  Malcolm,  Pentecost,  Sydney Smith

selfpublished book on ancestors


19 thoughts on “Who ARE These People?

    1. It looks like you are on your way already, Charles, having taken a look at your site. It took me a long time – started writing the stories in 2005 without idea of what I was going to do with them. As I wrote, it grew and voila. There are programs that, I hear, can make books from blogs – maybe you are closer than you think. And thank you for the compliment. 🙂


  1. What a huge achievement Lynne well done, it will be a treasure for generations in the future. I was thrilled to see my much loved city made it to the pages! Thanks for sharing this 🙂


      1. Of course, Starcross is 7 miles away, just past Powderham. Totnes is one of my favourite places anywhere and I have several posts about it – particularly Dartington – did you go there as well? Kilburn I don’t know, it’s in London isn’t it?


        1. Well now you had me check, Gilly – it is Kilburn, Middlesex so, yes, I guess it is part of greater London now although I’m sure it wasn’t then back in 1825 when my 2x great grandmother was born. We didn’t visit Totnes – sounds like we should have …


          1. I love it there, it’s a very ‘alternative’ town! When you have time look in my tag cloud for both Totnes and Dartington, there’s several posts. Better still google it!


  2. I looked through your book, and it’s very, very impressive. It’s such a great accomplishment when someone writes a little family history down, but you’ve gone way beyond that! The stories, the photos, everything – wow. Congratulations!


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