Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun

There is no photography without light and so as photographers we watch for good light, and eventually we purposefully seek the best light.  The best light is called the Golden Hour – it’s not about the sunset or the sunrise – it’s about the quality of light found during the first hour after daybreak, and the last hour before sunset.  While I acknowledge that mornings can be beautiful, filled with tranquility and peace, alas I am not a morning person so these photos are rare in my photo library … luckily I didn’t have to go far as they were taken in my yard …morning light filtering through treesmist over field in the morningBelow is an urban shot taken in the evening light …
DSCN1848 Blvd de Clichy 8x6 The weekly photo challenge is: The Golden Hour.  Here are a few I particularly enjoyed:
Eager Explorer
Zain’s Pix & Text
Breath of Green Air


25 thoughts on “Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun

  1. Absolutely beautiful Lynne! Great shots for the challenge for sure hon. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


  2. Thanks for listing my entry as one of your favourites. Your photos are equally interesting especially those misty shots.


    1. The only life on our acreage are two aging adults, one peppy puplet, and lots of birds and squirrels. 😉 That golden hour light transforms everything into something to be photographed – like magic.


    1. Thank you, Hanno – the light is really so remarkable at those hours of the day … I really should make an effort to get out and about … maybe this evening if it looks promising …


    1. I have done some but most often the result is blurring if there is any movement. I need to experiment with my camera some more to figure out the best setting for that condition. I only have a point and shoot automatic – which mostly I am happy with – I don’t relish the learning curve of F-stops and ISO whatevers 😉


  3. That’s beautiful soft light you caught in the morning shots…..I’m like you and don’t have many of these! The last photo is gorgeous, with its long shadows. Thanks very much for the shout out 🙂


    1. Sorry I didn’t reply Green Mac – you had gone to spam. I like that urban shot too. The shadows were beautiful. And you are welcome for the ‘shout out’ as you say.


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