A story in black and white

Not really any grey in this story featuring two of my grandsons – I think it’s pretty self-explanatory … 😉  click to enlarge

And just to show it’s not just kids who prefer to play with the cardboard box rather than the toy – we have Cooper …

puppy playing with jug

But Jackson liked his teddy …

Yellow lab hugging teddy

Sonel’s Black and White weekly photo challenge is: Toys

29 thoughts on “A story in black and white

    1. I think for that photo he had probably been chewing (gently) on Teddy and was told, “No eating!” at which point he stopped, put his head on him and said, “Fine!” 🙂 He DID understand the command, “no eating”. Extraordinary dog and family member.


    1. My husband had wanted a dog for some time and when I finally agreed he went out and bought the teddy, which I thought was … different. I was surprised when Jackson actually took to it like a blankky. My previous dogs had not had toys, at least not stuffed cuddly toys.


  1. Absolutely adorable Lynne! Your grandsons are so cute and you are right, the captures were pretty self-explanatory indeed. Love their expressions. 😀 Cooper and Jackson are just so beautiful and I see Jackson also loves his teddy. Great entry for the challenge Lynne and thanks so much for taking part. It’s excellent! 😀 *big hugs*


    1. A ‘family’ moment innocently captured 🙂 Jackson did love his Teddy – he got it when he came home at 4 months and still had it when he passed away 13 years later … a little bare in spots, missing his nose and an eye, but in tact. He was an extraordinary Lab.


      1. He is totally adorable! 😀
        PS: Could you do me a favour please and just put the link to your entry on the blog post so others can visit your post as well hon? Much appreciated. 😀


      2. Beautiful moments indeed Lynne and sorry to hear he is not with you anymore. That is a great loss indeed and quite a nostalgic memory. 🙂


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