The Sleepover

I’m getting ready for a sleepover … my three-year-old granddaughter is coming.  I’m requesting, and getting, helpful hints from her mother to make this an easy and enjoyable experience for us all.

No. 1   She prefers baths over showers and you can kill a good 30-45 minutes if you toss in a few pieces of recycle for her to fill up with H2O and dump out.

No. 2  Do NOT attempt to brush her hair, it will not go well  😉

No. 3   She has been trying to be helpful but it’s still iffy if it will actually BE helpful in the end – I am warned to pick my battles  🙂

No. 4  Bathroom breaks – “I swear she only goes twice a day!”

No. 5   FYI, when she says she needs to go…she needs to go NOW!

No. 6  Encourage her to take a bathroom break but she usually just screams at me, “NOOOOO I WENT YESTERDAY !!!!”

No. 7  She loves to wash her hands but watch out or soap could be all over. I am pretty sure she thinks she is a surgeon and needs to scrub in  😉 

Favourite Foods:

Breakfast:  cereal cereal cereal;  fresh blueberries (I am cautioned that if she thinks the blueberry is purple she will scream and refuse to eat); she also eats oatmeal from time to time but I am supposed to lie and tell her the brown sugar is cinnamon – you would think she’d like the sugar – [sigh]

Lunch:  She will likely ask for cereal cereal cereal; but to her credit this little girl will also eat pita and humus and cucumber.

Dinner:  She might ask for … cereal, cereal, cereal.  I am advised to call all meat chicken, even if it isn’t.  And she’s been eating burgers lately but I am warned it can be disturbing to watch 🙂

Last snack:  One guess … cereal, cereal, cereal.

She has spent a good part of her day “packing” her bag for her sleepover – so far she has markers and a colouring book – apparently the essentials.  And she has told her mother not to call her while she is at Nana and Papa’s – wonder what that’s about – as mother says, “Where’s the love?”

She asked to watch the sunset last night and Daddy and Mummy both said, NO way!!!”  😉 Maybe?? – not too sure about that …

So much fun.  She is bursting with excitement – “Three days! Mummy I stay 3!!!!! SLEEEEEP (arms wide open) OOOOOVERS!!!!!!”

Actually, it’s only two but we won’t tell her that 🙂

24 thoughts on “The Sleepover

    1. My plan is to tire her out 😉 Course, since she has a few decades on me that means I’m going to be utterly exhausted. I’m going to sleep in the same room as her, otherwise I KNOW I wouldn’t sleep as I think my mother’s ear is defunct.


  1. We have been through this so many times with all our Grand Children… it seems so much easier with them than it was when our kids were younger… I spoil them all and let the parents sort out the problems at their house… its a wonderful time.. and they all seem to have a mind of their own which I don’t remember my own kids having….enjoy…


  2. Oh, I love this. It’s such a great description of particular person at a particular moment in time. She will retain some of these characteristics and jettison others as she travels through life, probably. Save this for her!! (Love the whole thing, but the burgers…funny!!) Have fun!!


  3. My grandsons asked to stay at our house frequently. Now granddaughters are coming – ages 9-13. They so look forward to it and pack enough to take a month-long European holiday. And each finds a special activity that keeps us active. I love every minute of it – just as I loved every minute of visiting my grandma. You gave a great list of instructions!


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