The Sleepover

I’m getting ready for a sleepover … my three-year-old granddaughter is coming.  I’m requesting, and getting, helpful hints from her mother to make this an easy and enjoyable experience for us all.

No. 1   She prefers baths over showers and you can kill a good 30-45 minutes if you toss in a few pieces of recycle for her to fill up with H2O and dump out.

No. 2  Do NOT attempt to brush her hair, it will not go well  😉

No. 3   She has been trying to be helpful but it’s still iffy if it will actually BE helpful in the end – I am warned to pick my battles  🙂

No. 4  Bathroom breaks – “I swear she only goes twice a day!”

No. 5   FYI, when she says she needs to go…she needs to go NOW!

No. 6  Encourage her to take a bathroom break but she usually just screams at me, “NOOOOO I WENT YESTERDAY !!!!”

No. 7  She loves to wash her hands but watch out or soap could be all over. I am pretty sure she thinks she is a surgeon and needs to scrub in  😉  Continue reading “The Sleepover”