The Family Album

Turning the pages of an old family album stirs memories, transports us back to a different time, captures our imaginations and leaves us wishing we knew more … click on any photo to enter my family album …

The Weekly Photo Challenge is: Nostalgic

35 thoughts on “The Family Album

    1. I learned so much about family members when putting together my book “Who Are These People?”. It was exciting picking up each hint and clue and following the cookie-crumb trails.


        1. Actually I found an incredible amount of information online – full stories about some of my ancestors. One told of a 4x great grandfather leading a caravan of settlers from NY state to Upper Canada and their trials and tribulations, and another story was about a 9x great grandfather’s voyage from Bristol England to Massachusetts in 1635.


          1. That’s awesome. I never had much luck finding my dad’s side of the family. There were too many of them. Several other people researched my Mom’s side of the family, so I have more knowledge about them


  1. Mum, we DO come from a long line of beauties, don’t we? All I see is you in that one of Granny and Grandpa with the dog. And I think I know where A got her elegant neck from. The one of Granny in the straw hat makes me smile 🙂


    1. As women I think we’ve changed over the century more than men have – I think in a broad sense we have lost a lot of our mystery and therefore much our old world elegance.


    1. Thank you, Jo. I am fortunate to be able to remember all of my 4 grandparents. Marion’s mother (Marion is the girl in the hammock) kept a journal about Marion and it was in there that I found the story about Marion being referred to as the most beautiful girl in Dinan (which is in Brittany, France)


    1. It was amazing the stories we were able to unearth with a bit digging – I seem to come from fairly sturdy stock – people who wanted to help others as they could. A very nice legacy.


    1. Yes, she was and she was playful and fun with an impish sense of humour. And we are lucky to have so many photos – unfortunately I have several old portrait type shots with no indication of who they are, the only assumption that they fit into the family somehow, but – ? And I threw out a whole album of old shots going back to the early 1900s because there was not a single notation, date, name, location – nothing. My grandmother once wrote on the back of one of her photos the useless notation: “taken this summer” 🙂 Perhaps, as I said earlier, people didn’t realize how long these photos would last and the interest they would hold for future generations.


  2. How lucky you are to have such an album… the family history is so nice to have… wonderful photos, do you think they were taken professionally.???


    1. Three or four of these are professional portraits. I think the candids often say a lot more though. I’ve just completed and self-published a book of stories about my ancestors – I was lucky to have a lot of family photos to include. So often there are pictures, and no names, no indication at all of who they are. My own mother-in-law’s comment was … “I know who they are” … I think with the really old photos people didn’t realize just how long they would last – that they would be around generations later with people wondering, who are these people … which happens to be the name of my book 🙂


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