The Family Album

Turning the pages of an old family album stirs memories, transports us back to a different time, captures our imaginations and leaves us wishing we knew more … click on any photo to enter my family album … The Weekly Photo Challenge is: Nostalgic Continue reading The Family Album

Santiago, by design

None of us had expected the city that greeted us.  My own vision of Santiago had been of an industrial city, unkempt, tired and worn at the edges with obvious poverty, pollution and crime.   That was not what greeted us.

Santiago view from San Cristóbal Hill

We found a beautiful urban area of wide boulevards, modern architecture and tree-lined avenues – grand mature trees providing beauty and shade.  In the Providencia district where we stayed, every few blocks we encountered a park bench, always out of the sun, streets lined with beautiful gated homes, and broad sidewalks in good repair … Continue reading “Santiago, by design”