Bridges in black and white

Sonel has me reviewing my photos, looking for nice black and whites – they definitely don’t all convert well.  I rarely take a black and white shot – can always convert a colour to black and white but it doesn’t work the other way around.  Keep my options open.  Specifically, this week, it is bridges for Sonel’s black and white challenge.  Here’s my selection …

22 thoughts on “Bridges in black and white

  1. Stunning selection Lynne! I just love them all! Thank you so much for taking part and for sharing your beautiful photo’s hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*


  2. I love these and when I saw you had a covered bridge from Quebec.. something struck me… why did they build the bridges covered.? Have you any idea..?


    1. Thanks, Heidi. I was interested in pursuing photography decades ago but kids were young, work etc etc. Postponing was fortuitous – digital is SO much easier, less equipment. My pictures will never match those of someone with all the lenses and knowledge of F-stops etc but it IS fun.


  3. I was going to write that the private bridge was my favorite image but then I noticed the little boy in the rail bridge photo. All great shots. 😉


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