4th Sandworld of Warnemunde 2013

Four hundred tons of sand, and some water …

DSCN2809 sand sculptureWarnemunde, on the Baltic coast of northern Germany, hosts an annual sand sculpture exhibition.  These are not produced on the beach but up by the pier, under awnings, and there’s no admission fee.  It was May Day when we were there and the pier and promenade by the water were crowded not just with tourists but many Germans as well out with families and dogs, strolling, peeking in at all the vendors, enjoying the holiday and the beautiful weather.

The detail they are able to achieve with no other additive except water is remarkable …

DSCN2807 sand sculpture

DSCN2805 sand sculpture

Ailsa’s travel theme is: Sculpture

17 thoughts on “4th Sandworld of Warnemunde 2013

  1. Wow Lynne, these are incredible…..each one a dramatic work of art. The second one is breathtaking, and I could look at it for hours there’s so much detail 🙂


    1. It’s definitely a far cry from the pail and toy shovel with the water lapping ever closer – there are some amazing sand sculptures to see on line too.


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