It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

I live on 30 acres in the country – this is what lies beyond the hedgerow in my back garden …

1358 My own backyardThe corner store is 2 miles that way, or 5 the other way; the bank is 7 miles away.  Thirty acres are roughly equivalent to 20% of a square mile … in Japan 167 people would live on 30 acres … in China it would be 73 people and in India 191 people would call the same 30 acres home. In Monaco, of all places, it would be 8,428.  On my 30 acres it is just two people and a dog.  No sidewalks and lamp posts, paved roads or corner mailboxes – this is my neighbourhood ….

The most densely populated place, according to my bit of research, is Macau which, I have to say, I had not heard of but is an administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, like Hong Kong.  There 30 acres is home to 14,670 people. Conversely, 30 acres in Greenland is populated by .08 of one person … that’s not even an arm or a leg 😉

Sonel at Sonel’s Corner is hosting a black and white weekly photo challenge.  This week it is: Neighbourhood

20 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

  1. Gorgeous black and whites, Lynne and very interesting analysis. Hmmm… nice to have a lot of open space, however, can you imagine the portraits you could get with 14,000 people on your land? 🙂


    1. I’ve lived and worked downtown in a large (Canadian) city, and enjoyed it. I’ve lived in a smaller city, and enjoyed it. I now live in the country, and I enjoy it. But NOTHING would cause me to choose to invite 14,000 other people to share this space. I can’t imagine that … but a lot of is what we are born to I’m sure.


  2. Very nice photos, and what a beautiful and peaceful neighbourhood you live in. I don’t think I could cope with living in some of those densely populated places you mentioned….makes me feel boxed in just thinking about all these people and such little green space 🙂


    1. Now how could I know you would feel that way -? Your own photos and prose tell that story 😉 I think those numbers would leave me feeling rattled too.


  3. Absolutely stunning photo’s Lynne! Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge and for sharing the beauty of your neighbourhood. It is a lovely place indeed. 😀 Much appreciated. *hugs*


    1. Thank you and you’re welcome, Sonel. I’ll be looking forward to the next one. Bridges? Photography has become my latest fun passion and I enjoy the black and white and searching the photos that best suit it. I take colour and then convert – gives me more options in the end in terms of working with them.


      1. I am very glad to hear that Lynne and the same here. 🙂
        Oh, I must agree with you there as some of them just doesn’t look quite right to me when I do shoot them in B/W, so I then also take a colour shot and sometimes converting it looks way better than the B/W although sometimes the B/W looks better again than the colour one and I think this is what I am enjoying so much. There’s nothing boring about it and you can play around all you like. Like you said : more options. I like “more options” … 😀


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