Ok, I’ve googled everything I can think of … spires of St Petersburg, domes of St Petersburg, churches, cathedrals and onion domes of St Petersburg.  I cannot identify this church I photographed in St. Petersburg, Russia.  So it’s come to this – can YOU identify the mystery photo?  For now I call it The Oneov – which is very Russian, of course 😉

onion dome church St Petersburg Russia

onion dome church St Petersburg RussiaI also googled ‘modern architecture’ in St Petersburg but couldn’t identify that building behind it either 😦

onion dome church St Petersburg RussiaI found only 2 photos in my (hours) of searching, both by the same photographer and he didn’t know the name of it either – he called it “church in St. Petersburg”.   I think Oneov is better.


19 thoughts on “Oneov

  1. I have FINALLY identified the church, thanks to your comment about the reconstruction, and I spotted a little ship on the bottom right corner of the last picture! ❤ (Sorry, I'm a tad more excited than I should be!) I was so vested in your post I couldn't stop staring, and slowly figured you were on the Neva River! It's called Metochion of Kiev Pechersk Lavra. In English it's known as The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment! I hope this gives you (and myself too!) some peace of mind! 🙂 Cheerios!


    1. Super Sleuth! How did the reconstruction comment help you? I of course googled the English name – several hits but only one other photo. As further verification I googled the Russian name and the Saint Petersburg encyclopaeida at backs you up as well. WELL DONE. You are the go-to person! Blogging is great – collectively we know so much 🙂


      1. 🙂 Aww… I was in St Petersburg a few years back and I tended to remember all these random things about Russia (I’m just smitten by the country’s history!) Many cathedrals were under reconstruction then… After pinpointing your position on the Neva River, I looked back at my own records for cathedrals along the various embankments, and found that the same building was under construction years ago (with many more transparent boxes covering the spires)! 🙂 Hurray! Now let’s all go back to St Petersburg for more adventures!


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