The Great Escape

When I was about 10 years old, seemingly overnight, Germany was divided by the Berlin Wall.  I remember the early stories on the evening news of people trying to escape from the East and shots of Checkpoint Charlie.  For almost 30 years it stood as a “symbolic boundary between democracy and Communism” and The Wall became an iconic symbol of the Cold War.  I was recently in the former East Germany and it was important to me to see the Berlin Wall, for all it’s symbolism and effect on history.  This piece of the wall is in Lübeck.

DSCN2518 8x6 DSCN2524 8x6The Weekly Photo Challenge is: Escape


19 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. nice to see, that Lübeck saved one piece of the wall. Always when we had visited my mother (East Germany, Ruegen) – we were glad to return to the West, we entered a restaurant in Lübeck, shouting: free!!!


    1. It was something I really wanted to see – it represents a bit of history, a shroud of silence and mistrust that over-shadowed the politics of my younger years.


  2. In 1989 I passed through Check Point Charlie just before it was torn down, I have a small piece of the Berlin wall that I souvenired as every one else was doing at that time


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