Born out of an interest in history, ancestors, and family. I find it astounding that, because of the placement of my birth in the mid-20th C, I have memories of people spanning three centuries – between my grandparents born in the late 19th C to my own grandchildren born in the 21st C.

Maybe one day, a generation down the road, a genealogy-junkie descendent will pick up a copy from an old box of books, dust it off, and cry, ‘Eureka!”

selfpublished book on ancestorsFrom jottings about my ancestors begun in 2005 … to a desire to preserve and present them ‘some how”  … to envisioning a book … to a LOT of editing, to self-publication.  I hit the button this week and sent it to print.  440 pages. One initial copy to see how it looks.  Hallelujah!  Next project, please.

(Maybe I’d better save the Halleluha! until I get my copy.)


21 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

    1. Thank you, Dianne. I quite enjoyed the writing of it – the editing was a B and I think I know much of it my heart. Now I’m anxiously awaiting to see how many typos I missed 😉


  1. Good for you. My father-in-law has bound copies of his family’s genealogy going back to the mid-19th century. They’re so fascinating to peruse, a slice of world history now right up close and personal. Your descendents will love this, I bet.


    1. I hope so, somewhere down the line. We managed to unearth stories about ancestors as far the 1600s – some of my ancestors came to Canada via America and the New England area has fanastic detail.


  2. Just this past week my roommate (her family’s historian and genealogy buff) was doing a little research on Ancestry.com and I heard her yelp and say, “I have this picture!” A mystery had been solved and she is now in contact with a new distant relative.
    I hope some exciting discoveries come your way as a result of your labor of love!


    1. We have discovered a cousin in England with whom we share 2x great grandparents; have been told by another that the 2 portraits of ancestors of which we have copies are ‘hanging in his aunt’s parlor”; shared information with another cousin with whom we share 3x great grandparents. We have had a few Eureka moments along the way – fun and fascinating.


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