Colour less intensive

Bold colour is not a requirement for an eye-catching photo.  Another case of less can be more, when subtleties of hue might promote enjoyment of other aspects of the photo – line and atmosphere, negative space, depth, perspective or overall composition.

setting sun on flooded fields Glengarry County
Spring sunset in Frog Hollow
Spring sunset on flooded fields in Glengarry County eastern Ontario
Spring sunset in Frog Hollow

Sometimes an almost total lack of hue, without reverting to black and white, is what makes the photo interesting …

DSCN0464 edit
Rural snow-covered road in Glengarry County
barn on the hill after heavy snow
Barn on the hill, Glengarry County

And sometimes monochromatic has impact …

fields of snow in Glengarry
Winter field in my own back yard
bird sparrow
Chipping sparrow – a bird in a bush outside my window

These are the originals of three of the above photos.  The other three were unedited.

Ailsa’s travel theme is: Pale


24 thoughts on “Colour less intensive

    1. With the vividness and detail that today’s digitals can provide the ‘less can be more’ can be lost in the push for eye popping colour. Every once in a while we should look at Ansel Adams’ work to remember that colour does not have to be present at all.


    1. Thank you, Jo. When I first heard my husband refer to Frog Hollow I thought it was some campy name of his own, but no – the road sign says “Frog Hollow”. 🙂


  1. This is such a beautiful post. I love subtle colours anyway, but this is such a delicate collection. Personal favourites are the barn with the hint of sunset and the bird in the branches, it almost looks like a Japanese painting.


  2. Winter…sigh. We grasp those subtle colors when there is little else besides shades of white and black.
    The two-toned beak brings me to question if this is not an American Tree Sparrow?


    1. Well, I’m not an expert on my birds and the sparrows are all so similar … just googling them … and they seem to be almost identical except for the beak so you may well be right. Taught me something – thanks, Maya.


    1. Not snowing but not melting fast enough. Those sunset shots were taken this past week and it hasn’t changed much. My daffidols are showing and the robins are back but it hasn’t warmed up (enough) yet.


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