I’m a Tweaker

I tweak my photographs.  It’s true.  Not everyone likes to tweak, but I’m a tweaker. As a result not all of my photos are accurate recordings of the scene, but they are reflections of my taste and vision.   I like to see what my photo can do  – Does it benefit from cropping?  Is there more than one good shot within the photo?  What if I slightly blur the background, or change the level of contrast?  My computer is filling up with many different versions of many different photos.  Whole days can be lost to this messing about 🙂

My personal preference is not to push the colours or contrast too far – unless I’m working with the photo as an art piece.  I really pushed the colour on this one and although unnatural, in this case I liked the effect …
River stream through pastures eastern Ontario

But some very ho-hum shots shine with the smallest of tweaks.

flooded spring pasture easteron OntarioSome shots demand to be seen in colour …

outdoor cafe Burano Venice ItalyBut others benefit from a conversion to black and white …
prairie at Medicine Hat open fields in Brittany Franceand for others, selective use of colour makes the shot work  …

couple in conversation at airport

Below are the originals of these photos …

The weekly photo challenge is: Colour

40 thoughts on “I’m a Tweaker

  1. as a self-confessed tweaker I jsut see it as art manipulating life – nothing wrong with that as your images show. Specially like the selective colouring


    1. For me, the editing is even more fun than capturing the initial image. That’s just the canvas – the real creativity, for me, is in how to manipulate it. Thanks, Laura.


      1. better to be a tweaker than a twerker! will be interested in knowing how you get on with the software and if its worth a purchase


  2. It takes a much more brilliant person than be to survive without any tweaking, but as noted above tweaking is fun as well and a creative process unto itself.


  3. I love the twist you have on the theme, interesting photos. I know how the time can fly by when you get fiddling around with that photoshop, but it certainly is fun


    1. I had thought about pursuing photography many years go but life was too busy – now that I’m here and it’s the digital age of photography with developing and tweaking at the keyboard instead of a dark smelly room I’m glad I waited. 🙂


    1. Thank you for that, Charlie – it can be time consuming but I’m retired and my time is my own and I love it when I transform a photo from ho-hum to something I like better.


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