Down by the Bay …

I have a great affinity for water – I could sit by it, gaze into its depths, breathe in its scent be it marshland or the salty tang of the sea, dabble my toes in it, swim in it, float on it, and listen to its gurgle and cadence,  whiling away very pleasant hours.

Newgale Beach on St-Bride’s Bay, Pembrokeshire in Wales …

Newgale Beach Pembrokeshire Wales

Whitesands Bay, also Pembrokeshire …
coast of Wales Whitesands PembrokeshireAnd this is a collection of views of Carbis Bay at St-Ives, Cornwall in England …

And this is a watercolour I did from my photo …
Cornwall Shores, St-Ives watercolour by Lynne Ayers

Jake’s Sunday post was: Bay

15 thoughts on “Down by the Bay …

  1. I love all of these photo shots, the first one is gorgeous. Your painting speaks the beauty of nature. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Lynne.


    1. Thank you, Amy. St-Bride’s Bay and Newgale Beach were spectacular every time we went through there during our week in St-David’s – Newgale seemed to be on the road to everywhere and every time we stopped and took more shots. /And thank you too for the kind comment on my painting.


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