The Boot

When we travel we like to rent a car so that we can take those roads less traveled.  And this allows us the pleasure of indulging in the time-honoured tradition of the Boot Lunch.  It’s ready when you are.  It doesn’t involve an arduous search for a suitable restaurant agreed to by all.   It’s cheap.  🙂  We’ve boot lunched in numerous parking lots, or roadside with various wonderful views …

Menton France meal breakIn Menton, last stop before crossing from France into Italy – this was actually a boot breakfast but, whatever 😉

and in a marble quarry …

Aquabianca marble quarryThe aquabianca marble quarry in Tuscany.

The weekly photo challenge this week is: Lunchtime


19 thoughts on “The Boot

  1. We also “boot lunch” it while traveling. We would never think to drink a bottle of wine while eating lunch at home, but we do when we picnic out of the boot!


    1. It does. It’s always ready and waiting for the convenient moment or the hunger pains. And did I say it’s cheap? 😉 Gotta keep those travel costs down.


      1. So true. We do a boot stop lunch (though I never called them this before – I will from now on) when we drive up north to Rosshire. Mostly because there really are very few places to stop and eat, and they all shut quite early…


        1. Yes, that’s another point – you can eat according to your own schedule. I don’t know how many closed restaurants we encountered in France, always seeming to get hungry at the wrong times.


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