It’s doing it … AGAIN!  Today in Glengarry …

car in deep snowLast Thursday when I awoke to -10C I declared I was officially fed up with winter.  And today, this …

snow in cedars during storm snow on branches during stormEven Mr. Squirrel was fed up – as he sat on our outside lamp I could hear him talking Alice-in-Wonderland, “oh my, whatever happened and what do I do? My tunnels are gone, my food is covered, oh my, oh my”

squirrell closeup I truly regret to say that Killer, aka our lab mix caused the demise of Mr. Squirrel shortly after this photo was taken.

squirrel closeupMr. Squirrel, may he rest in peace.

Photos of Mr. S were taken by my husband.


28 thoughts on “Again!

    1. But it ISN’T winter any more Naomi! I suppose we’ve had it too easy for a few years with shirt sleeve weather, sunning on the deck watching the bulbs come up and cooking on the BBQ in early April … I guess there’s hope yet … we have a couple of weeks … melt, melt damn you.


  1. I usually comment with some smug thing about it being sunny and 75 degrees where I am. I’ll have you know it is raining here. Bah humbug.

    Mr. Squirrel looks befuddled!


    1. He sounded quite befuddled too, poor creature. I’d even take rain for now – at least it would wash away some of the white stuff. It’s still snowing by the way …


          1. I suppose you could stomp about and swing your arms left right ‘n go ‘Well come on! keep it coming! gimme your worst!”

            Just in case reverse psychology works with the weather 😛


              1. I can so see you doing that right now too lol 😉 any luck? has it stopped snowing? we got 70km/h winds here this evening with a TON of rain, gladly trade with you if you like lol


    1. Apparently we have had twice as much snow as last year, but only half as much as we had the winter of 2007/08. But by this time last year we were enjoying green grass and bulbs coming up. It’s sure not happenin’ this year. 😦


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